Saturday, August 28, 2010

I wonder if there is a 10 step program?

I told my family I think I might need intervention. I would call it BBA. Button Buyers Anonymous. I bought a lot of buttons today. They were separated by color mostly in gallon size zip locks. I told myself I would just buy the bags that looked most interesting. I REALLY did not need any more buttons. After all I bought a big, big pile of them a few months back. Here are the buttons from a few months ago.

But I talked myself into it. Those little round things are so tempting. I got a really good deal. 7 bucks. And I did leave some behind. Six bags that is. But then I went back later and got those too. She only charged me 50 cents a bag. That's a whopping $10 bucks for hours of fun. Sorting , counting and crafting with these gems. Who am I kidding? I will probably never do anything with these. But I love to look at them.
The majority of these are on cards but there are some loose ones too. I will have pics of the new buttons tomorrow. Left my camera at church Thursday but I will get it back tomorrow.


  1. I saw a magazine once where the lady made bouquets out of fabric and buttons. It was super cute. Maybe you could try that--bouquets, coursages, etc. for your booth. Just a thought. Have fun with your buttons!

  2. I just sat this weekend and sorted my buttons by color, oh it is so pretty, but in the process i decided I either needed to join BBA with you (No your not alone) or sell some in my antiques booth. So, I bottled them up stuck on button labels from graphic fairies and put them in my booth today. I am going to do a post on the bottles in a couple weeks, you ought to get a kick out of that!