Friday, July 5, 2013

Glamping 2013

Welcome to the 2nd Annual "Glamping" trip to Georgia Veteran's state Park in Cordele, Georgia.
 Jackie and Snookie are looking for the perfect spot. Really they are looking for squirrels or any other wildlife they can chase. They have no idea what awaits them at the campsite.
 Trying to get my glamp on.
 Setting up the campsite.

 Jackie and Snookie were NOT happy to find out that the resident campground kitty was going to hang out at our site all weekend.She was going to have kittens herself and we almost brought her home with us.  But the last day she walked away. I guess she loved the campground after all.

 Joe cooking breakfast. Camping food is always so delicious.

 I am not a "game" player but Joe tried to teach me how to play checkers. I was not a natural.

 The geese saw me and were hoping I had food.

 The speed limit sign sums up what I love about camping. Life slows down and you can relax.
 Camper tour.