Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A little "redness" in my world.

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I saw this tiny ladybug this morning. It looks like it is hiding.
This cute picture snuck in. It was taken a couple of weeks ago coming back from camping.
This book was a flea market bargain at $1. There are 828 full color illustrations. I found out this red flowering bush is an ornamental pomegranate.

Shara's "Egg" Swap and happy dogs.

Jackie and Schnooki were very happy to be outside enjoying the sunshine.
My box of Shara's egg swap Easter goodness arrived yesterday.. It was full of surprises including lots of eggs, chocolate and other surprises. Thank you everyone for participating and for the eggs you created for me.
This was my flock of butterflied eggs.

It was hard working with wrapping paper to cover the eggs but I liked the flowers on it. And some I covered in glitter only it was white glitter and did not show off the flowers. But i enjoyed making them. Thank you Shara for being the hostess.