Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's "Rednesday" at It's a very Cherry World.

It's Rednesday Day at "It's a Very Cherry World" I have a few shots of random "redness" for you. Visit Sue at

The towels and such I bought at a recent estate sale. The little red mushroom , I found at Target and the chocolate fondue and "dippers" were the party food my Daughter and friends had while they watched "The Bachelorette". Silly show.


  1. I enjoyed seeing all your red towels. I agree that show is a joke. I stopped watching a long time ago.

  2. Your towels are so darling, love them! And I adore mushrooms (and gnomes), wish I had seen them at Target.

    Did you say chocolate? ;) yum yum yum

    Happy Rednesday,

  3. I love the vintage towels. And that mushroom is the cutest! Happy reds!

  4. I love the little red mushroom. Random Redness is so very great...
    Happy Rednesday...
    Wendy from Wonderland