Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Bossy Flossie!

My daughter Heather had her 20Th Birthday yesterday. My how time flies. Her nick name was "Bossy Flossie" because she loved to boss her brothers around. Hasn't changed much.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Peaches to the Beaches 2012

Peaches to the Beaches has been an on going tradition for my friend, Bert, my Mama and myself for several years now. This year, my daughter Heather was our chauffeur.

This was the first stop. The first stop of many. We were all aching after getting in and out of the car so many times. But it was all worth it.
The view from the porch of the "New Perry Hotel".
Lots of vintage finds. Mama regrets not buying this one.
The town of Perry, Georgia is a lovely town. Lots of flowers. If you are ever in Georgia the beginning of October, Do not miss the Georgia National Fair. It is located in Perry.
Just of few of the my finds. I like the shapes of the old bottles.
Peaches to the Beaches is Georgia's Answer to the "World's longest yard sale". It runs from Culloden, Georgia to St. Mary's, Georgia on Highway 471.
We always say we are going to start in St. Mary's the next year but we never do. This year we traveled the shortest distance ever. Our trunk was full and it is hard to see around the lamp shades on my lap. It always rains. But that never dampens our bargain hunting spirits. This year we managed to miss many showers.
Another Peaches to the Beaches is over, but I know we will all make plans to do it again next year.