Monday, August 2, 2010

Why did he have to do it?

I love vintage cookbooks and I bought a set saturday at a yardsale. But when I looked closer noticed the back cover of one of them and the corners were burnt off. I asked the lady if it was a bad cooking experience that happened. And she said "No, it was my EX-husband. Apparently he told her the books were junk and he threw them in a fire. She rescued them but the "Desserts" volume got a little burnt. She did emphasize EX. I still like them and they do have some good recipes. But when was the last time Bing Crosby had a Christmas show?

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  1. I love old cookbooks. I pick them up as often as I can!! I think any man that would throw my cookbooks in a fire would be on a fast track to being an "EX" for sure!! The nerve of that man! Thanks for sharing!!