Thursday, May 23, 2013

Asheville, NC Trip

I had the BEST time a few weeks ago with My Mama and my friend Bert. We took a trip to Asheville, NC to attend the Asheville herb festival. The week end was filled with food, fun, flowers, friendship and finds! (Not necessarily in that order) Bert had the whole weekend planned out and did all of the driving.

Mama was a great back seat driver.
One of our stops on the way to NC. It was at this antique mall that I found a cat pin that I have been seeking for years. I remember having a pin like this when I went to Pussy Cat Private School in kindergarten. Only 46 years ago.
 A few scenes from the Asheville herb festival. So many beautiful, lush, flowers, herbs, vegetables, trees and plants.

 One of the many places that we ate at this weekend. This was my favorite. The Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville.
 So delicious. The sweetest strawberries I have ever eaten. I wish their was one closer. I would eat there often.

A couple of quilts I found along the way. I found these at a Goodwill. There were 7 or 8 but I narrowed it down to these two. All hand stitched.
 Speaking of Goodwill, we loved the Goodwill's in South Carolina. Clean, great prices and great selection. We also caught several church sales, yard sales, and thrift stores along the way.

Last stop before heading back to Warner Robins,was Bert's lovely home. We toured the garden between rain showers and took a couple of "swing" pictures.

We were loaded down with treasures and plants. Time to head back to Warner Robins.
 My purple iris' greeted me when I arrived back at home.