Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My First Tomato.

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Last week I picked and ate my first home grown tomato of the season.. It was amazing.

I have six tomato plants in this area of my garden. Two I bought at Walmart. An early girl, and a "beef steak". While at the Peaches to the beaches Yard sale (Georgia's longest yard sale) I bought 5 heirloom tomato plants. Anama orange, Henderson's Winsall, Mortgage lifter radiator Charlie and Pantano. Later I bought a Brandy wine from Lowe's.

The Henderson's Winsall had a tiny tomato on it when I planted it. I thought about plucking it off but I left it. It grew and grew and began turning pink, then orange, then red. I squeezed in a n it was soft. Time to pick it. I love the green "nose". Why didn't this turn red too?

I washed it, sliced at and ate it. It tasted just like Summer. I can't wait to see if this is a preview of wonderful tomato goodness to come.

A big thanks to my Friend Bert who inspired me to try heirloom tomatoes. She was the first person I called to share my tomato news.

More on my "other" garden later.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The "Dirt" on Mothers Day.

No, this post is not about any gossip or "trash" talking.

It is about the wonderful gift I got for Mother's day. My Daughter Knew that I fell in love with this silly bag of dirt at the spring Garden Show. She got together with her Daddy and brothers and arranged to have this delivered. It is so rich and dark brown . It looks like Oreo crumbs.

I think God was looking down on me too. My first day lilies bloomed on Mother's day. I have three children and three day lilies bloomed. Only the Creator could have planned it this way.

A quick picture taken before church. My daughter surprised me with the Corsage. It was so sweet of her.

My Daughter and her friend Kimberly took us to see "Hairspray" at a Northside High School.
It was amazing. the students did an awesome job.

I did not get to see my Mama or Mother-in-law but we did talk on the phone several times. And I going to see them this weekend.