Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Rednesday day at "It's a Very Cherry World"

I've been missing out on Rednesday. So today I "made time" to join in. Life is like that sometimes. You just have to "make time".
I could call this post "Scenes from Fall". The first picture was my Apple contest entry for the Georgia National fair. I did not place but certainly had a great time talking with the other contestants. The apple contest required presentation, so this was my display. Not all contests require this. Some are just the dish.
The other two shots are more scarecrows for the 4-H scarecrow contest.

Finally a couple of older pictures taken from a women's retreat a couple of years ago. It was in Dahlonega, Georgia. These pictures were taken at Burt's Pumpkin farm.

By the way, Jackie and her puppies are fine. She did move them all under our bed this morning. That is Jackie's favorite spot "to chill". But too chilly for puppies. I will move them back.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The puppies are here.

After a sleepless night Saturday night , the puppies finally started arriving at 6:05 a.m.. Jackie had the first one pretty easily. But, the second one would not come out. After waiting awhile we made the decision to go to a 24 hour vet, 30 minutes away. I held the whelping box with Jackie and her first puppy in my lap. I tried to help her. I was worried the other puppies would be affected. Five minutes away from the vet the second puppy was born. I tried for a long time to revive it but it did not make it. So sad. Very soon after, puppy three was born. Then the fourth puppy. By now of course we were on our way back home. We did not go to the vet. The fifth and final puppy was born at home at about 9:45. She has been a great Momma.

I have never helped with puppies. It was as very amazing experience.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Georgia National Fair Fun.

October 7-17 is Georgia National Fair time. Some people love the rides, the animals or the fair food, but I love the Georgia Living and Heritage Hall Programs. This includes competitions ranging from quilting to cooking and just about anything in between.

Four-H clubs from different schools decorate scarecrows. Some of them are very creative.

This is the third year I have participated in the cooking competion. I did not win the first year, but last year I won 3rd place in the "Grits" competion. I was hooked. I year I have a busier schedule and could not participate in as many competions. The first one I entered was the BBQ Chicken contest. I won 3rd place. there were about 18-20 competitors. My recipe is called "Sweet and Spicy aprocot Glazed Chicken". If you have a fair near you and love to cook, check out the culinary competions. You just might win.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Camping with the "Early Bird".

This is what my closet decided to do right before we were leaving to go camping. Anyone else out in Blog land have too many clothes? I took out all of my clothes and looked at each item. I tried some on and got rid of 27 pieces. My Husband got rid of a few too. My husband repaired the closet rod and the closet is much happier. Now, to have a yard sale.

Mr Early Bird choose this campground for us. The name is fitting because he does do a lot a hard labor at work. Well, maybe not hard labor, but definitely long hours. It was time to get a way. Our children had other obligations and do not really want to go camping with us any more. So, it was just the two of us and it was perfect. Quiet, peaceful, wonderful weather, and a great campsite.
Nothing like bacon and eggs cooked outdoors.

My silly husband forgot his shower shoes. He borrowed my pink flip flops. I don't think I've ever seen a hillbilly in flip flops.

Part of my sunflower decor.

How a bout a cup of coffee.

Our little piece of quiet.

This was my outdoor kitchen.

Early morning on the creek.

I love this funny picture.