Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Red Signature Quilt

A few weeks ago I spotted this quilt at my local thrift store. I love the red and the signatures. looked like it was from the thirties or forties. But I talked my self out of it. I left without it, but on the way home I turned around and went back to get it. It had a twenty dollar price tag on it. I tried to bargain a little because it does have couple of condition issues. One  of the ladies said "I'm sure you can throw it in the washer and it will come out "like new". I knew right away this quilt needed rescuing.

It looks like the "Baker" ladies and "Sims" ladies had a special occasion to commemorate. Seven of the signatures belong to them. I have tried to do some research on the names but so far have not come up with much. But they don't have to worry...... I will NOT throw it in the washer.

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  1. Really beautiful quilt! Liz

  2. What a patriotic little gathering! Your header is adorable...and so are your children!
    Oh, my goodness! You have found a treasure in the beautiful red, white and blue vintage quilt! It is priceless!
    I hope you are staying cool as possible in the southern heat and humidity. I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee for several years and I sympathize with the hot summers.
    Blessings and Happy Rednesday!

  3. Glad you rescued this quilt. It's wonderful and so is that adorable header photo of your patriotic crew. Nice to meet you. Happy Rednesday! ~ Sarah

  4. So sad that something made so lovingly to mark an occasion ended up there. I always wonder what happened to the family? Yes my mind works over time! :) So glad the quilt ended up with you and will receive the admiration and tender care it deserves.

    Happy Rednesday!

  5. Hi Debra! That's a unique quilt. I've never seen one with a lattice pattern like that, but I like it!

  6. WHat a bargain. I never find treasures like that at the thrift. Lucky you!