Friday, February 4, 2011

Forever and a Day.

Wow, what happened to January? I have procrastinated long enough. It's time for a little bloggie post. Shame on me that I didn't post in January. I will try to do better.

There is an pre-estate sale tomorrow advertising lots of jewelry. I love jewelry. This is one of many of my jewelry collections. I also have Christmas pins, bracelets, sterling silver, flower pins, etc. I just started an initial pin collection too. So, far I only have "E" and "N". But it's a start. I want to find the whole alphabet this year.

Just a few of my Christmas pins. I found all of these at one yard sale.

I could title this post "I spy". Can you find the ladder of success, the scales of justice, and a little Russian doll?


  1. Fun, fun! I found the dolls and ladder. Didn't see the scales. But I've got to go check on my little patient. Glad to have you back!