Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Puppy Update

Heart shaped basket of precious puppies. Jackie still let them nurse occasionally but at 10 weeks she had enough. They would chase her down in the back yard.

Carly, the smallest puppy, and the first one to leave "the nest". The new owners could not find clothes small enough so her first sweater was made from a fuzzy sock. Her new name is Isabella Rose.

Meet Maxwell. or Dumbo as I liked to call him. He had the cutest ears. He left the day before Christmas.

Our puppy Snooki. Or Schnookie as I call him. They are all adorable but we decide early on we would keep her. Her coat was the smoothest and softest of all.

Latifa, the biggest of the puppies. at 1 pound 8 oz at the 7 week checkup. Renamed "Alli Grace". The smartest and liveliest puppy. She got out of the box 2 weeks before the others.


  1. Debra, thanks for stopping by. Is there nothing better than a puppy? I too am a dog lover. I look forward to see what treasures you find along your way! Smiles from Kansas...Renee