Monday, October 11, 2010

Camping with the "Early Bird".

This is what my closet decided to do right before we were leaving to go camping. Anyone else out in Blog land have too many clothes? I took out all of my clothes and looked at each item. I tried some on and got rid of 27 pieces. My Husband got rid of a few too. My husband repaired the closet rod and the closet is much happier. Now, to have a yard sale.

Mr Early Bird choose this campground for us. The name is fitting because he does do a lot a hard labor at work. Well, maybe not hard labor, but definitely long hours. It was time to get a way. Our children had other obligations and do not really want to go camping with us any more. So, it was just the two of us and it was perfect. Quiet, peaceful, wonderful weather, and a great campsite.
Nothing like bacon and eggs cooked outdoors.

My silly husband forgot his shower shoes. He borrowed my pink flip flops. I don't think I've ever seen a hillbilly in flip flops.

Part of my sunflower decor.

How a bout a cup of coffee.

Our little piece of quiet.

This was my outdoor kitchen.

Early morning on the creek.

I love this funny picture.

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  1. You'd better keep a copy of that "hillbilly in flipflops". It will have a thousand uses, like whenever you need a little leverage. You can just say, "Don't make me take the flip flop pic to your office." I know, I know...I wouldn't really do that, but it's a fun thought.