Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time Flys.

I just got off the phone with old friend who had to cancel her visit to me. But, we did talk awhile and got caught up on our lives the last few years. I enjoyed talking with her but It would have been nice to see her in person. Call an old friend today and "get caught up".

Here are a few pictures from our camping trip to Blythe Island, Georgia a couple
of weeks ago. It was the maiden voyage of our "Little Camper". Before I left , I made a few improvements. I didn't really have a bed just a platform consisting of the 2 bench seats and the plywood shown in the picture.

I purchased two large pieces of foam for the three pieces of wood and cut them to fit. By the way, an electric knife cut through the foam like a hot knife on a stick of butter. Easy Peasey. The hardest part was getting the measurement correct so I didn't make mistake on that expensive foam. Next I covered the foam covered planks with batting and denim material. Used my $1.00 sharp shooter shown in an earlier post to attach the fabric to the wood. Sadly, I was so eager to get loaded up forgot to take a picture of the completed project. The picture shown is actually the sofa bed mattress on top of the seats. But I think you get the idea.

This was our little home away from home.

I am going to try to change the look of my blog. My friend Kelly at inspired me to make a change.

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  1. What a great idea you had. I would have just been scratching my head looking for a mattress to fit. The camping trip looks like so much fun! I love the look of your blog, especially that picture on top. It makes me want to go put on a sweater and romp in the leaves...Oh wait, it's 97 here today. Guess I'll just stare at your header again and wish.