Friday, July 23, 2010

Sizzling hot in Middle Georgia

You are correct it did not snow today. But I thought a few pics from last Winter would cool things off a bit. At Midnight, Weather .com said it was 85 but felt like 97. Ugh
Jackie Marie not too sure about the snow.

Maybe it will help me think cool thoughts. Still haven't quite figured out this picture posting.

I picked a very hot day today to Kilz the inside of my "Tiny Trailer". The cabinets were dark brown paneling. I'm painting them "Pale Lemon" . I bought a brand new sealed up quart of paint at an estate sale recently for 75 cents. I love a good bargain.
Are you going bargain hunting today?


  1. I think it's hotter here, and no snow in sight! The pale yellow sounds great. It'll be such a pretty, cheery camper. Have fun.

  2. What a deal! I love finding practical things at garage sales. I'm always on the search for pretties, but its good to get paints and everyday items too. Sometimes I overlook those kind of deals.