Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

 My sweet Mama, Ruth in the early 60's. Hey pretty lady.
 Me, getting a sink bath.This was in Germany were I was born.
 My first born Jordan. I was so excited about becoming a Mother. Some girls want to be a teacher or nurse, I always knew I wanted to be a Mommy.
 And then came Heather four years later. A much awaited girl. The first girl on either side of the family for many years.
 And last came Daniel. I finaly got the redhead I always wanted.
 My Mother-in-law, Lyndal. She has been an excellent Mother in law. She loves all of us.
 My MIL or Grandmother as we call her also has a love for dogs. She raised dogs for years. We got our Jackie from her years ago. Thats Joe, my dear Husband with his Mama.
 Enjoying some coffee and cake with my Sister, Barbel and Mama. My Sister is a wonderful Mama to my nephews, Glenn and James.

I am missing my Mama and Heather while they are in Germany. But I know they are making wonderful memories together.

Hope everyone out there has a wonderful day with your family.

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  1. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! Oma and I miss you too!! These are great pics! Since I couldn't be with you today I did some shopping at a garden/flower/jewelry/flea market today!! SEE YOU SOON!!