Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Peachey Keen on Rednesday

Wow, It has been a while since I participated in Rednesday. Link up with Sue at
I have had a busy, stress full last couple of months. My father passed away July 6th and my husband has changed jobs due to too much stress. I needed a break from the everyday stuff so I went for a ride in the country.

It's peach season here in Middle Georgia and the Elberta's are "in". A friend had told me about this farm stand and I went out to find it. After following my GPS's directions and getting lost, I did the old fashioned thing and asked for directions. I was soon on my way.

Beautiful blue skies and green grass.

The sign does not say but you can pick your own zinnias and sunflowers. Which I did, a whole bucket full.

There was a bus load of seniors enjoying peach ice cream and the shade.

Fresh Georgia peaches. The Elberta variety.

Mmmmm, fuzzy peaches. The fuzz is washed off before it reaches the grocery store but mine had the fuzz.

The grand finale and my lunch. A peach blossom with peach ice cream. Is your mouth watering? I have made two batches of these since I ate this last week.

My last stop was Yoder's country market. It has huge selection of bulk products. I bought lots of spices and as a treat for my kids, bags of the dehydrated marsh mellows like the ones in lucky charms. Who knew you could buy those thins by them selves. if your are ever in the Middle Georgia area, visit William Brown's farm stand, Yoder's Mennonite restaurant and country market. It is worth the ride in the country.


  1. Trust things have improved for you and family. That is a great way to unwind.

  2. What a lovely blog you have. Glad to have found you this warm Rednesday!

  3. I can't imagine that many zinnias growing in the same place at the same time!


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    It’s puce and chartreuse that I hate.
    I’m fond of cerise,
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  4. I have been thinking of you. That little trip sounds like the perfect thing. There's nothing like a ride in the country--it restoreth thy soul. Wish I could have ridden along. Maybe I can make it up there some time and we can go.

  5. So sorry for the loss of your father.
    Your day out looks like it was alot of fun, and just the kind of thing that I would love to do too! I feel like I can almost smell the peaches in your great pictures, and I know I would go overboard picking buckets and buckets of those zinnias and sunflowers!
    Happy REDnesday,