Monday, November 8, 2010

Where has the time gone?

Puppy Update. The puppies are doing great. Growing and getting a little more playful. Yesterday they were three weeks old. When I went to their box yesterday morning, they all walked to the edge of the box and tried to get out. Usually they lay there and wait for their Momma, Jackie to come feed them. One of them has a smoother softer coat than the others. I named her "Silkie" and she is our favorite. But they are all so cute. Ninety percent of the time when I look in their box. One of them is laying in the opposite direction.

Another thing taking up my time has been high school football. My son played on the ninth grade team and when their season ended, the coach let them "play" with the varsity team. He did not play much this year , but he did enjoy the experience and the practice. Here he is on the sidelines with his buddy, Hayden. Daniel is #87. Another funny thing is that Daniel wore 3 different numbers this season. It was hard for me to keep up sometimes
Can it really be November? Surely Christmas isn't NEXT month. I have bought a few gifts but some years I have been finished by now. Wait, maybe that was when my kids were little and those expensive wishes weren't at the top of their list.
I have been busy getting ready for the "Big Veterans Day Sale" the antique mall is having. I have been trying to arrange and rearrange my booth for maximum displaying potential. I have a small booth (6' x 10') with a lot of smalls. I thinks that is an "antique mall" word for everything but furniture. We always have a lot of traffic during out 3 annual sales.


  1. I start holding the pups a lot at that size,it helps to socialize them. Plus, they are so cuddly and sweet and sleepy! Try to hold 2 at a time, so they can snuggle together and feel safe.

  2. The booth looks great. I hope they wipe you out. I'm sure your mom would enjoy the challenge of finding things to help refill it.